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Community Solar

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Community Solar is a state-supported clean energy program that offers you guaranteed savings on your electricity. Save money without spending money! Unlike traditional solar, there is no upfront cost to you. Simple sign up, lower your energy costs and avoid maintenance fees. 


Through community solar panels powered by the sun, you support renewable energy generation without anything installed on your roof or property. 


Its hassle free. We work with Eversource and National Grid to connect the community solar panels to the electric grid. The solar energy produces credits on your Eversource bill that will offset your fossil fuel usage.


Your participation in community solar will help reduce the burning of fossil fuels for electricity.  An average customer will save 10% on all electricity costs offset by clean energy credits. 




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1. Check Availability

Enter your zip code and whether yours is a home or  business electric bill to see if we have a clean energy project in your area.

electric bill sample customer info.png

2. Enter your electric bill information

Enter your electric bill information to connect your Eversource or National Grid account to a new clean energy project.


3. Provide Payment Info

Enter your bank or credit card information.


Enjoy the Savings & Impact!

Once you are connected to a project, you will receive clean energy credits and pay for them with a 10% discount. Your connection to the grid will be exactly the same, you will just pay less!

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LOUISE B, Homeowner

"Signing up for Perch is a great way to help the environment and save money. Who can argue with it? I’d love it if more and more people signed up for Perch."


JOE K, Homeowner

"I feel it is important to get involved with Perch because we’re not just saving money, we’re saving energy."


KEN Y, Homeowner

"I really believe in decreasing our carbon footprint and this is the easiest way to sign up for solar energy. You literally sign-up and all of a sudden you are getting your energy from local solar farms and you are saving money."

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